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HUD foreclosures in Stevenson Ranch California

One of the questions we get asked very often is how can a person find the HUD foreclosures in Stevenson Ranch California.

We have a system in place that will allow you to find all of the Stevenson Ranch HUD Foreclosures.

This system, obtainable by clicking on the preceding link, will give you the intel you want, hand delivered by the REMAX of Valencia CA Paris911 Team of Realtors.

We scrub the net and also gather the intel directly from the HUD website showing what real estate listings are for sale in Stevenson Ranch that are of the HUD Foreclosure Type.

Some of these Stevenson Ranch HUD REO”s are great deals, some are “not very good deals” the intel will come by way of their website and the other systems we have our hands on.

Make sure you know what you are looking for and make sure your Team of Santa Clarita real estate agents are tops in their field when it comes to representing real estate clients in Stevenson Ranch CA.

Be safe – search well and let The Paris911 Team know when you are ready to Move…

Bridgeport in Valencia CA home Values and Prices

How much is your bridgeport in valencia home worth

First Time buyer series for Santa Clarita home buyers

Alright, the camera must be bad, I'm looking more swolen than usual :)

Getting right into the content for the Santa Clarita Valley first time buyers, we are going to add to our video series related to what first time buyers need to know.

This applies when they first consider whether owning real estate is something that they should do. We take it from their beginning and work our way through the entire process of buying real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

Top Santa Clarita real estate agents

This is all started with our Crash Course on real estate in our offices, and verfied on our YouTube Video playlist about First Time buyers is what we share before our in-office meeting.

You can find out first time real estate buyer playlist on YouTube here

When wanting to secure a loan on real estate, whether in the Santa Clarita Valley, or elsewhere, there are a few items you are going to want to know about.

One of these items is what the differences are between a pre qualification letter from a lender versus what a pre approval letter stands for.

These are two components to the real estate financing “approval” process and need to be explained so you can judge if you have more strength in one versus the other.

If the full blown Under Writer Approval, has the most power, why not have your lender provide that option for you?

Be safe – let my Paris911 Real Estate Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita know when you are ready to move and we will be there for you and yours.


Santa Clarita and Valencia CA Hotels, Places to Stay, and Local Transportation

Hotel location in Santa Clarita Valley CASanta Clarita and Valencia California Hotels, places to stay and Local Transportation centers.

We have prepared one of our Santa Clarita agent posts to give you the insight about the answer to the question of, “Where can I stay in Valencia this weekend???”

Below are all of the Valencia CA, Stevenson Ranch CA, and Castaic CA hotels and Travel Centers for your visiting and bedding down “pleasure”.

Please let my team know if we can be of assistance, Click on one of the properties to get information such as their phone numbers and address.

FYI – we are local Santa Clarita real estate agents and it is our mission to protect and serve our clients.

Even when that means giving information that will assist you without providing a “direct payoff” for our Team.

The fact of the matter is, we have never thought that way. We came from Public Service backgrounds, and with me being with the LAPD, I never thought about what “I was going to get out of it!”.

That’s a horrible way to think, but I see real estate agents in Santa Clarita Valley, and elsewhere, doing it all of the time. Those agent’s real estate clients suffer as a result for sure!

The 5 Traits of the BEST Santa Clarita real estate blogs

Enjoy our slide share presentation about the 5 traits of the best Santa Clarita real estate blogs.About the REMAX of Santa Clarita Realtor Team

  • They should provide training reference to wanting to buy and sell real estate
  • It should be easy to search for real estate and properties for sale without any tricks
  • They should be community centered
  • Always simplistic in nature – easy to navigate
  • Must have updated articles in a continuous nature

These are five of the top things I believe in.  Our clients do as well, as they have told me.  Be safe – search well and let us know when you are ready to move.


Santa Clarita real estate agents list properties for sale the easy way

Top Real Estate listed in the MLS

What do the Best Realtors do?

One of the things that Santa Clarita real estate listing agents do well is they list real estate and homes for sale for their real estate sellers.

However, the experts in the fields of sales and listing real estate don’t go about it in an unprofessional manner.

They know how to sell homes, that is why the tops in real estate continue in the business and are heads and tails above the “typical” realtors.

Top Agents ask Questions:

There are specific ways to list real estate for sale. First and foremost the seller needs to be pre qualified by asking questions.

Why are you selling?

When do you need to sell by?

How much are you wanting to sell your home, condo or town-home for?

What other realtors are you going to be interviewing?

Have you had any experiences with other real estate agents and how were they?

Those are only a handful of pre qualification questions, all of which have very important qualities.

Each should be asked and then more questions will arise by a seasoned and expert sales person within the real estate trenches.

Three things all Sellers Need before meeting:

After the seller is pre qualified, and if the listing agent thinks they are a good fit for them, it’s time to send three things to the seller. This can be done by email, regular mail or dropped off.

Comparables (current only) – Apples to apples comparisons – 6 months of history – All Active listings, pending and listings in back up position.

Title Profile Report – to compare with how the Tax Accessors office is looking at the real estate we are going to sell.

Net Sheet – the amount you are going to walk away with after fees are paid to escrow, title, escrow, bank(s), and commissions.

Before you meet with a Santa Clarita real estate professional – they should have given you the three items outlined above.

It only makes sense. While we are professional sales people, we should not be hiding anything at any time.

Transparent Realtor Intensions

It should be clear of your chosen Santa Clarita Realtor’s intension.

To sell your home for the most amount of money, with the best terms for you as the seller, and in the shortest amount of time possible.




How to monitor the real estate you currently own, specific values

How to monitor the real esate you ownReal estate is a dynamic endeavor.  When it comes to client representation, there is no one better than a realtor that is constantly refining and learning about their craft.

That is important, and some would say that technology in real estate plays a large part.

I agree with that assessment and would venture to say that most of you do to.  This is something we have developed as of late for those that presently own real estate.

Maybe you don’t want to sell anything.  Maybe you are like a few of our real estate clients that have bought to dig in until they retire, only then to sell and move to Idaho…

This is our Property Monitoring Resource!

That does not matter, what matters is you being able to keep tabs on how much your Santa Clarita Valley or other Southern California City home, condo or townhome is worth.

Being able to see the median sales price in a particular zip code or city is okay, but it is not property specific and will leave any of you short.

That is why we have developed this reporting and property monitoring system for our clients and other Realtors clients that don’t have access to something like this through their real estate agent.

We did not build this to take or steal away another realtor’s client. This was built in the purest mindset possible.  To give the best data every 30 days to anyone that owns real estate in Southern California.

If someone wants to refer or recommend our team – that is a bonus…

Be safe – We are Santa Clarita real estate agents and are wanting to assist you when you are ready.

If the Santa Clarita real estate ball gets dropped, we are ready to pick it up

At no fault of your own, sometimes bad decisions are made or bad Realtors are acquired.

We take equal housing seriously

I will start off with our team potentially not being the BEST fit for all real estate clients.

There are certain boundaries that we will not cross, that some people deem necessary to cross, when buying or selling real estate.

Fact – most of the issues surround disclosure issues.

Fact – there are more lawsuits that come out of not disclosing pertinent facts that any other thing in a garden variety real estate transaction.

We are local real estate agents head quartered in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

We have resources upon resources to assist our clients with what they want as far as real estate is concerned.

We have these systems built on our main website and within the first page of Google. Just look up our team before or while deciding which realtor or real estate team to hire when you are about to make the largest investment of your life.

Search on line – here are a few of our resources that will give you the rest of the intel you need before deciding on which team of Realtors to hire.

We have many other resources that will assist you with the best decisions you can make when approaching real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley cities and in the rest of the Greater Los Angeles Areas.


Local Real Estate resources for Santa Clarita Real Estate

The street shot and view of me driving west bound on Newhall Ranch road turning south onto McBean Parkway. I then drove next to Bridgeport and announced the travel direction and some of the local flair in Valencia CA. We are going to be building a website that has the with more detail – It's not built yet :)

Santa Clarita real estate agents

We have just updated our Paris 911 systems to include some very interesting features.

One of those features is an active pricing page for the Santa Clarita Valley cities. So what we did is we took the Santa Clarita Valley cities, we separated each one, and we built interactive widgets that show the local prices.


As far as I know, we are the only real estate team that keeps tabs on local industry prices in this fashion.


The reason why this is beneficial is because, you the consumer, can use this data to be a very big benefit.


The access point for this information is by going to the main Santa Clarita real estate website, and entering the word prices, into the matchbox the top part of the screen.


When you do this you will be given a choice of several Santa Clarita Valley cities.


When you click on each one of the blue links, each blue links standing for a Santa Clarita Valley city, you will see an interactive pricing graph.


With in the page containing the graph, and within the graph itself, you will be able to do adjustments, look at different periods of time and even adjust it back to the height of the last real estate cycle.


The Santa Clarita real estate pricing page will also give you information regarding levels of inventory.


Real estate inventory is important. Because real estate inventory gives you an idea as to the market as it relates to supply and demand.


Santa Clarita real estate agents present Stevenson Ranch homes under $250,000

When we had our Housing Haven website built, some said we were crazy. Some did not know what a HTML5 responsive website was.

That is merely the language of the website and it adjusts to the various mobile platforms that exist in the world.

You can use it by heading to and searching by city on your left under the tab.

The nice thing you will find is that we have our Housing Haven website populated with every single city in Southern California. Every city that is within the Santa Clarita Valley with every single tract code and neighborhood as well.

We are the first to have such a complete website and are completely happy to present them to you when it comes to your real estate search.

When you are ready, contact your realtor, and if you don't have one, contact our progressive real estate team at REMAX of Valencia CA.

We know a few things for sure. There is nothing quite like working with a full time team of real estate professionals. No one does it like the local real estate agents unless you are entering a political real estate game such as

Here is our Stevenson Ranch city page on our Housing Haven website.